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The gift of Ibiza

Returning to this island year after year is like coming home. They say it has a magical, magnetic spirituality and they may be right…

Amidst all the beats and the buzz of the clubs and parties there is a tranquillity here which is like no other. And within that peace, there is a heightened sense of nature and self. I have yet to discover this feeling anywhere else.

Ibiza Yoga holiday at Benirras beach with Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza

Yes this is a hippy place, a clubber’s paradise and too expensive in a lot of ways, but beneath that modern sheen is just beauty, water, sand, mountains and deliciousness of food and climate. Enough to fulfil anyone from any walk of life.

On this island you can cry with pure joy and there is a sense of catharsis from the minute you step foot out of the airport. You feel welcome.

Being at Las Dalias, filled with light and feeling loved, is a lifelong memory which will flash before my eyes one day, I am sure. There you have the embodiment of the history and humanity of the island, all on parade, unashamedly beautiful and welcoming. Artefacts, food, endless music and what feels like endless nights.

Benirras drums stir the primal in everyone and I recall losing all my inhibitions and looking out to sea, feeling privileged and completely at ease with everyone around me. Oh if only life was always that way! But then on Ibiza, it is always that way, and it’s a treasure to dip in and out of throughout your life. Each time feels like a reawakening.

So I will return next year, slightly older, slightly more sensible and still have a flash in my eyes for a good beat and a holiday romance. But I look forward far more to succumbing to the magic of the island and being at peace with me. It is a unique gift from the earth, this place.

We must cherish it.

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