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Holiday or Ibiza Yoga retreat? The tell tale signs you're in NEED of a Y

Tired? Over-worked? In need of a holiday? It happens to us all......... but it is a holiday or maybe a Yoga retreat that you need? Life is full of its ups and downs - work pressures, raising children and family life can all take its toll. Just managing to find one hour a week to attend your favourite yoga class can seem like a challenge. Sometimes the wisest thing you can do is take some time off to invest in yourself. Maybe it’s time for a yoga retreat.

Looking for the perfect Ibiza yoga holiday?

Here are 7 tell tale sign that a retreat is calling you....

1. Emotionally Unbalanced?

We’ve all been there at some point! You are emotionally all over the shop and very close to breaking point. You feel like you are not in a good place both mentally and emotionally, with negative thoughts creeping into your daily life. It may be due to multiple and complex reasons, but the fact that you are aware of this emotional unbalance means you're ready and able to do something to resolve it.

2. Is daily life getting too much?

Do you feel like you're living your life in a loop, with a never ending to-do list? The daily stresses and niggles are building and pushing you closer to the edge. Non-material things that didn’t used to and shouldn't affect you are now causing a negative reaction within you.

3. You have recently felt like you need a holiday?

Have you recently felt like you need a break away?

How many times do you go on holiday only to come back feeling like you need a holiday to get over it?Whether that’s partying, eating out, over-drinking or sightseeing, it can be exhausting. Holidays can leave you feeling more run down than when you left. A yoga retreat however leaves you feeling healthy, relaxed, restored and re-energised.

4. Need to connect to the 'real' you?

You’re doing a lot, but you don’t feel like this is ever enough. You feel like there should be more to life, but unsure of what that is how to look inside yourself to find out . . . you are fighting a feeling of inner- restlessness which you want to address by making some time for yourself.

Going on a yoga retreat is not about pleasing your family, your friends, or your partner. Going on a yoga retreat is all about doing what you want and taking precious time out for yourself. That might mean you get up early every morning to join the yoga class or it might mean you choose one morning to sleep in and go off for a wander by yourself instead. You may want to sit and socialise late into the evening with fellow guests, or you may prefer to turn in early and catch up on a year’s worth of beauty sleep. Either way, a yoga retreat is your chance to tune into exactly what you want and need, and then to do it.

5. You’ve been going through a tough grieving process and want to reconnect with yourself

You may have just gone through a breakup, a divorce, or a family bereavement. This can leave you in a deep and spiralling pool of grief. Once you have allowed yourself to truly feel the depth of your sadness and pain, you naturally eventually come to a place of wanting to know how to move forward from those experiences. This is where a yoga retreat comes in. A retreat gives you a nurturing and supportive environment, while still allowing you your own personal space for reflection and centering. Yoga retreats are a wonderful opportunity to bring more clarity into your life and emerge with a deeper understanding of your situation.

6. You've got that Yoga Bug and its time to take your practice to the next level?

Yoga is fantastic, for your mind, body and spirit. Going to a class once or twice a week is a great start but when you immerse yourself in it, practising every day and being in the atmosphere of a yoga retreat, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Your physical practice will come on in leaps and bounds and you might be surprised at how much deeper you find yourself going into the meditative side of yoga too.

7. You have grown out of what used to make you happy and want to try something completely new?

As we begin to take our practice a little more seriously, we tend to find shifts happening in our personal lives also. You may have started to find that the things you used to enjoy doing just don't give you the same fulfilment. Going on a Yoga retreat is a great way of meeting like minded people, sharing new experiences and discovering new places. A retreat can often be life changing as you begin to re-evaluate or take a fresh perspective on different aspects of your life.

Final words If you found yourself nodding your head when reading some of these, or felt like this described your situation, then it’s time to do something about it.

It’s time to find a retreat that will nourish your soul again and bring you back to center.

And what better place to do that than on the island of Ibiza.

Here at Ananda's we offer luxury retreats at affordable prices. We take care of all of the details so that you can enjoy that real holiday magical experience. Our team is on hand to help you find the perfect yoga retreat for you in 2018.

Do something different in 2018! For more information head to


Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza Ltd

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