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Bex Shindler - Private Ananda Onsite Chef
The Mindful Kitchen

Hi, I’m Bex, a creative plant-based cook on a mission to share the joy of earth friendly, high vibe food.

I believe the food choices we make can be empowering, both for our own health and for the health of our planet. What we eat can have such an impact on our bodies and minds, and in my experience, when we choose to fuel ourselves with nutritious, colourful, compassionate foods, we invite more vibrancy and compassion into our lives. There begins the ripple effect of change and transformation.

Growing up in a household where food was the centre of everything, I naturally developed a love of cooking. My background as an artist inspires my creativity in the kitchen, and continuing studies with the School of Natural Medicine sees my menus constantly evolving with therapeutic and nutritional knowledge. I see food as energy, always cooking from scratch, with love, and sourcing organic, ethical ingredients wherever possible.

To find out more about The Mindful Kitchen at Ananda's please click on the button below! 

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