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Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza

The revolution starts with food....

Our private retreat chef specialises with plant-based ingredients, inspiring compassion, connection and creativity through high vibe food.

The Mindful Kitchen gives people a chance to experience just how fulfilling healthy, thoughtful food can be. Our food is designed to enhance well-being, joy and connection to self, others and our beautiful planet. Through adopting a more mindful approach to what we put in our bodies and take from the earth, we raise health and vibration for all.

Image by Anna Pelzer
Image by Ella Olsson

The sense of union in our beautiful setting means that the dining experience is as important to us as the Yoga sessions we offer. All our meals are prepared fresh in house by the Ananda Chef. We cater for all dietary requirements so please don't hesitate to tell us in advance. Above all we want every guest to feel nourished, balanced and healthy from the inside out.

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