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Kevin O'Neill

Kevin O'Neill is a fully qualified Buteyko instructor who trained with Patrick Mckeown and his team at the Buteyko Clinic in Ireland. He has used the Buteyko Method to improve my own respiratory health and the health of thousands of others since being introduced to the power of this knowledge. Kevin has natural talent and an ability of sharing his knowledge in an easy to understand format, leaving his students feeling not only inspired, but safe to drop deep into the teachings, to gain the maximum effects from his teachings. 

Kevin O'Neill, founder of Breatheolution ™ and expert in Cold Water Therapy, has guided over 1000 clients into cold waters, using the Buteyko Method. We are super humbled to have Kevin working exclusively with Ananda Yoga Retreats to create this only offering of its kind, combining the Cold Water Therapy with Buteyko and Yin Yoga. A full in-depth write-up of the incredible healing potential these retreats offer can be found on the event listings via our calendar.

“I experienced a sense of euphoria that no alcohol or drug has ever given me, followed by a sense of calm and serenity that I have been seeking for the past ten years.” 

~ Helen



"Anyone who has been practicing this technique or totally new, I implore you to try Breaheolution. The experience will help you unlock capability you never knew you had."

 ~ Lance

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