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The Immersive Ashram Experience
Spiritual Healing Retreats UK

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The Ashram Experience
Spiritual Healing Retreats UK

The Ashram Experience retreats are available to anyone with previous experience in yoga, no matter what your religious or philosophical beliefs, offering a place and time for you to truly be with, and dwell in, that part of you that is free, vibrant, radiant, and infinite.

This immersive experience provides enrichment, purpose and connection, allowing you to embrace your passion for yoga and meditation in a nurturing home from home environment. Stepping away from your normal life gives you the distance needed to contemplate your life. 

Your days will be spent delving into deeper practice with a more focused discipline. The retreat schedule teaches the rhythm of ashram lifestyle and yoga methodology. Celebrating yoga's diversity and vastness, physical asana, pranayama and meditation practices are drawn from the traditional practices of Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Satyananda and Yin yoga. 




"What does yoga mean? Yoga means to be united. When you unite with your soul and unite with the One who gave you the soul, that's what yoga is. Do it in a royal way, it's called Raj Yoga. Do it in a graceful way, it's called Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Shaktki Yoga..... When you do it in an absolutely involved conscious way and you put your involved consciousness on the top of it, they call it Kundalini Yoga - uncoil yourself. you reveal yourself, you identify yourself. This is called Kundalini Yoga and the Sikhs call it SAT NAM..." 


Yogi Bhajan, Nov. 30, 1988

Kundalini Yoga - Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. We systematically train our mind and attune our body to hold higher frequencies of energy associated with Kundalini and consciousness. Kundalini Yoga is known to assist change and self-limiting habits. 

  • It is a transformational system designed to release blocks to the reservoirs of untapped energy within us.

  • It is designed to balance the glandular system and revitalise the nervous systems.

  • It works to build, clear, and balance the subtle systems of the nadis (energy channels) and the chakras. 

  • It includes hydrotherapy and breathing practices and other established practices for optimal health and optimal functioning.

  • It is a science.

When energy moves freely through the chakras, it stimulates the mental, physical, and spiritual health of the being. There is a clarity that arises that combines perception, thought, and intuition.

Hatha Yoga - 

Yin Yoga Meditation - unlocking the subconscious patterns and encouraging deep introspection through sound healing and meditation. 

Yin works on the subconscious mind, unravelling the stuff we never truly dealt with at the opportune moment when it was held in the conscious mind. As a modern society of suppressants and consumers, we have become masterful at avoiding any kind of emotional discomfort. Over time, all our residual traumas become so deeply ingrained into the subtle fascia layers of our bodies, that they form part of the psyche, lurking deep within, waiting to be later triggered over and over again.


When you practice Yin yoga, you are creating nurturing space within the body and mind, to be present and to experience all of your emotions in full without feeling overwhelmed. Learning the art of softening, of letting go, and allowing your emotions to be present encourages the body to heal and release. Suppressing our feelings day by day becomes exhausting on the mind. Yin yoga creates an internal environment which encourages the mind and body to let go of emotions that aren't serving us well, and become aware of the things that need more of our attention. This helps work through mental blockages and finding inner peace, as the practice heals us deeply on a cellular level.

Your Sadhana

Ashram Disciplines

Mouna - The beauty of visiting an ashram is that you get to take a break from all the external noise so that you can bring your attention to your own internal noise. Throughout the retreat there will be scheduled times where we embrace the practice of silence ~ Mouna. Immersing yourself in silence relaxes the nervous system and helps you get in touch with your inner voice, the one that is often stifled due to all that external noise. 

‘Take just one sentence from The Bhagava-Gita, The Yoga Sutras or The Hatha Yoga Paradipika and fix your mind upon it until its meaning is revealed’    


Sri Dharma Mittra

Satsang - A gathering of spiritual reflection and study on sacred texts of yoga, including the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These sacred texts are an essential part of understanding the practice of yoga, providing guidance and insight into the spiritual principles and philosophies underpinning it.  

Karma Yoga - One hour each day is required of each ashram attendee to spend in performing selfless service. This is called Karma Yoga. For guests, it’s a chance to burn off some of your karma  by doing good deeds. Karma Yoga intregrates the practice of Mouna, encouraging an inward experience to move your through the veils of the ego.

Mantra Yoga - A path of chanting and meditating on sacred syllables, raising one's vibration through the repetition of sound current. Mantra yoga stimulates both the upper palate of the mouth to regulate the hypothalamus located within the brain which controls the automatic systems and the frontal lobe of the brain which controls the personality. Repeating a mantra restructures the patterns of mind that filter and shape our experience. The result is a shift in consciousness.

Sync with nature - Ashram life is all about getting in sync with nature, this means waking at dawn and settling down for the night at sunset. 



Ashram Schedule

  • 5.30 | Sunrise Sadhana

  • 9:00 - 10:00 | Breakfast - Mouna

  • 10:00 - 13:00 | Karma Yoga

  • 13:00 - 14:00 | Lunch

  • 14:00 - 16:30 | Free time

  • 16:30 - 18:30 | Afternoon Sadhana

  • 18:30 - 19:30 | Dinner

  • 19:30 - 20:30 | Satsgang

  • 21:00 | End of day ~ Mouna

Is the Ashram Experience right for you?

Whether you are a seasoned yogi with much wisdom from years of practice or you are relatively new to your practice,  The Ashram Experience retreat will provide you support, insight, and opportunities for further growth on your spiritual journey. The psyche goes through many stages of development on the way to spiritual maturity which have both a linear and non-linear quality. Through the lens of Kundalini Yoga, they call this The Five Stages on the Path of Wisdom.


Saram Pad. They call this stage the "honeymoon period"  when you consciously enter a relationship with your spirit and your spiritual path. You have fallen madly in love with your practice, which is helping you let go of the pain of the past, allowing you to reconnect to your true self. You're eager to deepen your knowledge, soak up the philosophy and explore the terrain of your consciousness. 


Karam Pad. If you come to the retreat and you are in this stage, you will know what aspects of your self and your discipline need growth. You have awareness of the work, issues and growth needed to maintain a deeper relationship with your spirituality and crave the opportunity and space in your life to aid this progression.

Shakti Pad is the most crucial transitional and challenging of all the stages. The choices made here and the transformation that occurs determine whether the you will progress toward mastery. When you want to quit any practice, do not. A big reward is awaiting you just a few steps closer towards the summit. It's time for you to surrender to the path and goal you began your study to fulfill. The Ashram Experience retreat will help you emerge with strength, empowered with an unshakable direction. 

Sahej Pad is a stage of balance and grace when everything fits together. The Ashram Experience retreat offers you celebration. Share your grace as you enjoy the play of life as your inner Guru works to move your consciousness. 

Sat Pad is where you are in harmony with the universe. There is a sense of equality and transcendence. Vibrate your harmony into the universe to uplift everyone. 

The five stages of the path to wisdom are intended as guideposts the mind can rely on to aid in staying committed to the path you have chosen. If you recognise yourself in one of these stages, allow us to guide you deeper on your path of wisdom at The Ashram Experience retreat.


Guiding you on the path of wisdom with our Spiritual Healing Retreats UK. 

Your Journey Awaits

The Ashram Experience - Spiritual Healing Retreats UK  


Ashram life will no doubt be an eye-opening experience for you and your spiritual practice. It touches on spiritual aspects of yoga that go way beyond the usual yoga retreat experience. You’re going to meet interesting people that are drawn towards a similar journey as you.  You’re going to create healthy habits and evolve in very real ways, and when this happens you will want to be dwelling in your own sense of freedom, vibrancy, radiance, and infinity. Thus, your freedom will be assured.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me directly by email below! 

Ananda xx

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