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Meet Ananda

Madeline Diaz Meiners, spiritual name Ananda and founder of Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza, has 9 years of yoga teaching experience with a rich and varied background, enabling her to connect with clients from all walks of life. With a therapeutic background in Satyananda Yoga teachings and having experienced her own turmoils and major life changes, her life's focus is to enable others to find serenity and strength within themselves.

Madeline’s professional background also lies in high levels of customer service within the hospitality industry and she also runs and owns several yoga studios within the UK, whilst maintaining the ethics and spirituality of its practice.

Madeline has spent several years creating and initiating yoga teacher training schools and has mentored and guided many yogis from students to teachers. She is absolutely committed to sharing her passion for yoga and her passion for business, travel and adventure with others. Ananda Yoga Retreats has been created after many dedicated years of hard work, client care and passionate practice.

" Being a person that likes to live a life without limits, and after many years of travel, including years of living in Ibiza and Argentina, In 2017 I decided to come back to my spiritual home of Ibiza to open Ananda Yoga Retreats. Following the succession of many seasons in Ibiza and a few major universal set backs, I felt a draw to reside closer to my routes and family which created the space for Ananda Yoga Retreats in The Lake District, to open The Lakes first and only dedicated year round yoga retreat centre. 


The ethos of Ananda Yoga Retreats is to provide a safe place for students around the world to take time out in a relaxed environment without a need to please anyone else other than themselves. An escape that is purely based around the individuals needs with no strict rules or expectations in place. Total freedom, whilst being nurtured by soul cleansing food and most importantly exceptional yoga in a purely breathtaking location. The Lake District had always held a special place in my heart and to be able to offer yoga retreats in such a magical location is simply a dream come true. 


My team at Ananda's are all professionals of whom I have had the pleasure of working alongside for many years. The connection and friendship spills into the whole vibe we are able to offer at Ananda Yoga Retreats. 

Alongside my roll as manager, I will be contributing towards the teacher team on our retreats alongside Adrienne Le Coure and Andrea Everingham.. My yoga teaching is rooted in breath-based Ashtanga Vinyasa but also draws on other types of yoga, including my love for Mandala Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga and Yin. My background in Satyananda Therapeutics and Yin Yoga based on Meridian and the TCM theory, bring my teachings into balance from both a Yin and Yang discipline. "

Madeline Diaz Meiners ~ Ananda

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