Madeline Diaz Meiners -Yoga teacher and director of Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza
Madeline Diaz-Meiners - Yoga teacher & Director

My love for Yoga started in my early twenties whilst living in Argentina. I had a very busy hectic life working in music management and running a dance and percussion school in Buenos Aires. Yoga became my escape, a chance to reconnect with myself, and as my practice developed so did my longing to delve deeper into the spiritual side of the practice. I travelled to the Mandala Yoga Ashram to study a 3 year  Yoga Teacher Training in the  Satyananda practice, initially just for pure self development.

In 2006 I returned back to the UK and  soon after started teaching. It became apparent that this was my true vocation in life. I fell in love with Vinyasa Flow, and my style of teaching reflected this. In 2015 I opened my first Hot Yoga studio, Mind and Body Yoga, followed by Trybe Hot Yoga in 2017. Then I returned to Ibiza after many years and once again fell in love with the island. It re-ignited my strong desire to live on the island, and enjoy a slower more balanced pace of life so consequently I decided to open Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza.

I have been lucky enough to have found the best, and most influential teachers, to come on board and bring their individual styles, energy and experience to Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza

Andrea Everingham - Jiamuki Yoga teacher at Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza
Andrea Everingham - Senior Yoga teacher & trainer

I began my journey into yoga 17 years ago, quickly developing a heathy appetite for pursing more knowledge and experience in this new found joy. A deep love of Ashtanga grew and I began to follow and study the practice with commitment. With a yearn to venture many other styles, in 2006 a dear friend introduced me to my first Jivamukti class which gave me a different spark, turning into an inferno and I fell in love with the style dubbed the 'wild child'' of yoga. Instantly knowing this was for me - this untamed style that takes all energy and infuses it harmoniously with traditional yoga practices, gifting the soul true liberation. My passion and enthusiasm for sharing my knowledge fuels my teachings where exploring postures in a playful, present way instils the kind of liberated attitude found in my classes and retreats. My classes are always funs, full of energy and warmth that opens hearts and creates smiles. 

Charlene McAuey - Yoga Motion teacher at Ananda Yoga Retreats In Ibiza
Charlene Mc Auley - Yoga teacher & trainer

Since I began practising yoga 11 years ago, it has been the red line that has run through many changes in my life. Through an ongoing exploration of this ancient practice that in physical terms is simply breath and movement, I have grown tremendously appreciative of my body, learned to live without constant worry, and  to allow vulnerability. Mainly practising Ashtanga Yoga for the majority of the years, I’ve now transitioned into creating an approach of moving which allows space for waves, spirals, and joint integrity. This has filtered through to my teaching to create YogaMotion

​My teaching journey thus far has granted me the opportunity to teach yoga in Manchester, Berlin, Iceland, conferences, as well as being in house teacher to Everton FC’s First Team for over a three year period. Currently I'm asana teacher training on Yoga Manchester Teacher Training Course. 

Laura Barrett, Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga Teacher at Ananda yoga retreats ibiza

My yoga practice started in 2012 when I was looking for an escape to the rat race and desperate to find equilibrium to my work/life balance.  I soon fell in love with Vinyasa Flow and most of all, practicing in the heat. As my practice strengthened and my curiousity grew, I discovered that yoga had become my life and was more than a form of exercise and daily escapism.  I furthered my studies by travelling to India to complete my teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and have been fortunate enough to teach across the North West on a full time basis ever since and most importantly, immerse myself in Yoga every day.  

Yoga is a life long practice and one that I feel very passionate about.  Every day I endeavour to weave the philosophy of the sacred teachings of Yoga into my classes so that my students understand the very fabric of this beautiful practice.   I teach Vinyasa Flow, Bikram, Yin Yoga,  and Gentle Yoga with Mindfulness across a number of stunning studios and venues in the North West of England.

Laura Barrett - Yoga teacher
Susi Wrenshaw -Yoga teacher at Ananda retreats in Ibiza
Susi Wrenshaw - Yoga teacher

I have been practising yoga for over 15 years and it is now a way of life for me. Yoga has opened me to enjoying living with my body which was once a place of chronic pain. I had all the tests you can imagine - maybe you have been down that route too - and it was yoga which, after 20 years, introduced me to my first pain-free days. I am now so much more in tune with my body and mind that I take great pleasure in looking after myself with what I eat, my social activities, exercise and lifestyle. The benefits to my mental health are too vast and incredible to go into here, I'd be happy to share my experiences with you on a warm balmy night! I have seen big positive changes to my sleep and digestion too. At this time of my life I am the healthiest (in mind and body) and the most content. I regularly see similar life-changing improvements in my clients, many of whom come to yoga therapy as a last resort. 


I have done a lot of training over the years, starting with a foundation in Hatha Yoga. My biggest influences are my yoga therapy training with Dru Yoga and yoga teacher training with Simon Low. My classes are trauma-sensitive, if you want to know more about this before you book, just ask. I train yoga teachers in yoga for eating disorders, counsellors in body-based work for trauma survivors. I do yoga therapy for a mental health charity and have taught yoga for cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and cancer patients. I have been the subject of two research papers into yoga and mental health and I have been published by Cambridge Scholars in the book Performance and Addiction. I am passionate about using yoga to improve mental health and could talk to you for hours about it! Read our blog...

Natalie Rice - Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master

Growing up in a household where headstands were pretty much part of our Christmas tradition, demonstrated from my wonderful yogi mum I guess yoga has always had an underlining importance in my life. These are my earliest and happiest memories of the practice I have but I actually didn't find my way to the mat until 2011 when my world got turned upside down. After the loss of my dad I joined a class and it became my sanity. I would retreat to my mat, roll it out and get lost in the silence and movements for that hour or more everything was still and I could just let go both physically, mentally and emotionally.

I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason so I explored, I practised bikram in New York, vinyasa in Thailand, Hatha in France, Ayenga in India and even

Fast forward 4yrs on with the most amazing experiences of travel, adventure love and laughter behind me and amazing opportunities in front of me. I am teaching 20 classes a week and blessed to be surrounded by enthusiastic people and in the most gorgeous heart warming studios. Whether you are completely new to the practice or finding your way back to the mat, modifications and hands on adjustments can be offered in classes depending on your needs and wants. After all I am just a tool to help you on your journey. 

My teaching style is inclusive warm and friendly infused with a focus on healing energy. I will encourage you to challenge yourself whilst opening the conversation with your body and mind and to take what you need in a mindful and safe way. This all sprinkled with a sense of humour and a big smile inviting you to relax and feel at ease. 

Jo Eastham - Yoga Teacher

I am an experienced teacher and practitioner of yoga. I enjoy sharing the knowledge through asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation, that yoga teaches you to be mindful and appreciate the moment and the time that there is. 

After enjoying local yoga classes for many years, in 2004 I discovered Ashtanga Yoga, taking my personal practice to another level and inspiring me to teach yoga.

I studied with the British Wheel Of Yoga to gain my first teaching qualification, David Swenson and Manju Jois for my Ashtanga teacher training, as well as many intensives with others. I teach weekly specialist pregnancy yoga and men-only yoga classes,  Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga, as well as regular day and weekend yoga retreat events. I am also a qualified Thai yoga massage therapist.


All classes I teach are suitable for beginners to advanced students, with each moment in the flow of a yoga class open to modification. I choose to flow because I believe it is better for the nervous system and joints not to hold a posture too long. I also find that flowing with yoga movement and combining with the breath brings the physical practice into more of a meditation, cultivating softness, strength and flexibility of body and mind.

MPenfold_CariadYoga_105 1_edited.jpg
Eirian Collinge - Yoga Teacher

My roots go back to North Wales where I grew up playing outside in nature, swimming in the rivers, climbing trees and exploring the mountains.
Cariad - Welsh for LOVE, was the inspiration behind bringing Cariad Yoga and my passion for the practice to Manchester where you’ll find me teaching corporate and public classes.
Throughout my twelve year journey with Yoga, it’s taught me how to deal with life’s challenges in a wonderfully creative and holistic way.
After being signed off work with stress and burnout in 2013, I was introduced to a regular meditation practice at Roger Cole’s Better Sleep workshop. This immersive weekend completely changed my personal practice and relationship towards myself and stress, eventually leading me to embark on my Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training in 2015.

With a fun loving spirit, I ensure my classes are playful and accessible, creating a safe environment where students can move freely, reconnect to themselves and feel empowered through their practice. I teach a mixture of styles from Vinyasa Flow – a beautifully creative, dance- like style that links movement with breath, to Yin Yoga – a slow, grounding, deeply meditative style of practice. My Mandala model of Vinyasa Flow also works closely with Energetic Bodywork, Chakra and Elemental theories.